Cardi B left an impression in a stunning black gown with a dramatic train at the Met Gala Cardi B certainly made a statement with her 2024 Met Gala look. But surprisingly, the black gown with the dramatic trail was a toned down version of what she initially had in mind. The 31-year-old rapper revealed on TikTok that she initially planned to attend the event wearing prosthetics to make herself look like an elderly woman.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Cardi B is seen lounging in a robe and headscarf while makeup artist Alexis Stone applies wrinkled skin prosthetics to her arms and hands. The transformation was completed with slippers, an older face, and curly gray hair.This look was a literal interpretation of the gala’s “Garden of Time” theme.However, Cardi B decided against the prosthetics at the last minute. In another TikTok, she explained her hesitation: “I was just a little bit scared how the pictures were gonna come out. A lot of people, they’re not creative like me. We think outside the box.”For the event, the Bodack Yellow hitmaker ultimately wore a gown designed by Windowsen. Describing it as “such a beautiful amazing piece,” she compared the dress to a “black rose” but mentioned its extreme weight made her want to take it off immediately. Despite this, she expressed some disappointment, stating, “Actually it was supposed to be bigger. I’m mad at the Met Gala because they made me cut my dress!”


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