Research reveals reason behind Proboscis monkeys’ strange facial structure. — Borneo AdventureThere are hundreds and thousands of animal species on this planet, some beautiful and cute, while some horrifying and strange; however, some zoological aesthetes have given Proboscis monkeys the crown of the world’s ugliest animal. To some, Proboscis monkeys are weird-looking animals primarily known for their strange facial features with females having pointy noses and males large ones, according to Daily Mail.A new study has revealed the reason behind their strange face which are beneficial for these monkeys. According to the findings, the nose is crucial to attracting a female.Dr Katharine Balolia who led the study, said: “We found that males have much bigger nasal cavities than female monkeys, and their nasal cavities also have a different shape compared to females.”“Being able to emit louder and deeper calls thanks to a longer and larger nasal cavity helps male monkeys to assert their health and dominance.”The study lead also said: “This helps the male monkeys attract females and ward off other males.””The more females a male can attract, the more it allows him to father more offspring. So having a large nose and being able to more easily emit honks and nasal roars due to a uniquely shaped nasal cavity really helps males show off their quality and status to prospective female partners.””Proboscis monkeys live in coastal mangroves and forested environments and often can’t see each other through the trees,” she said.

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