This scandalous skincare secret will have you glowing.

Not only can sex make you feel good, but it can also help you look good, according to skin care experts who revealed the real reasons why getting hot and heavy can benefit your skin.

“Sex can improve blood circulation, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells more quickly. After sex, our skin appears more oxygenated and plump, with a brightened complexion and pink lips,” facialist and skincare company founder Teresa Tarmey told The Standard.

“Sex can also boost collagen production, which plays a vital role in skin construction and regeneration, leading to reduced wrinkles.”

Marie Morice, clinical sexologist and founder of Lilith Your Life, also weighed in on the “multiple health and beauty effects from burning calories to reducing blood pressure to boosting the immune system, to relieving pain to helping cardiovascular health.”

Marie Morice, clinical sexologist and founder of Lilith Your Life, discussed the “multiple health and beauty effects” of having sex. Getty Images

She added that sex can be “an amazing sleep inducer — and post-sex sleep is restorative, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, with reduced under-eye circles and puffiness.”

A roll in the hay has also been found to help reduce stress, which in turn lowers your chances of developing acne.

“If we lower our stress hormone cortisol, the amount of oil being produced lowers, meaning the pilosebaceous unit is less likely to create a spot,” Pam Marshall, a clinical aesthetician, said.

A roll in the hay has also been found to help reduce stress, which lowers your chances of developing acne. Getty Images

But don’t worry if you’re single and don’t want to mingle. The experts noted that you don’t have to have a significant other to climax and reach your skin goals.

“You don’t need a partner to get those particular results; a simple toy does the job just as well,” Marshall said.

In general, sex will likely show immediate results on your skin as well as provide long-term benefits if the activity is often enough, according to experts.

“Here’s the science: having an orgasm raises estrogen levels in your body, which help maintain collagen — the structural protein that keeps skin supple and plump,” Dr. Emily Morse, a doctor of human sexuality and sex expert, explained to the Daily Mail.

“So you’ll enjoy a post-sex glow right after the act, but as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, regular sex supports collagen: the same magic ingredient you’ve probably seen in countless supplements and beauty products.”

Along with being added to your skincare routine, sex can be added as a workout.

Nearly three in four Americans (72%) questioned agree that sex is a workout, according to a survey from Peloton — and the experts (yes, yes, yes!) approve.

“Great sex is wonderful for your wellbeing, whether you’re single or in a relationship,” Jaimee Bell, sex expert and producer at erotic audio platform Bloom Stories, previously told The Post. “It helps us connect with our bodies and brings us into the present.”

“It can also reduce stress, improve sleep quality and benefit our overall mood. In a relationship, sex boosts emotional bonding, enhances communication, and deepens trust,” she said.